Prizap - The smart way to shop

Prizap searches retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and eBay to find deals on everything from music to movies to jewelry! All deals from the biggest retailers are available under one roof.

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Prizap - The Smart way to shop

Hot deals

Get deals from different sites in one place.

Search Products

Search millions of products from various shopping sites

Scan to check price

Simply scan the barcode on the product to fetch the lowest prices online.

Maximize your savings

Get the lowest price from leading shopping sites by simply searching


Add a product to the watch list, get notified when the price drops

Instant Notification

Prizap instantly notifies you if your favorite product's price has dropped

Welcome to Prizap

Calling all ya Shopaholics!
Tired of spending time surfing through multiple websites to search for deals?
Don't want to spend time searching for your favorite products across sites for the lowest prices?
Walking through a store and like to know if a product is available for a lower price online?
Start shopping smart with Prizap!

  •   Get deals.
  •   Search and compare prices.
  •   Scan barcode and find prices.
  •   Add your favorite products to the watchlist.
  •   Get notified of price drops.


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